Monday, June 11, 2012

We've Moved to the Azores, Portugal!

I can see my house from here!

I apologize for my absence in the last week or so, but we've been quite busy moving (again) across the world. This time, we've stayed at almost the exact latitiude; however, we are are a very different place.

We have moved to the Azores. More specifically, we have moved to the island of Terceira.

The Azores are an archipelago consisting of nine main islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. The Azores are considered an autonomous area of the Portuguese Republic. They are located almost 1,000 miles west of Lisbon, Portugal and about 2,500 miles east of New York, USA.

The Azores are in an Oceanic Sub-Tropical Temperate Climate. The temperatures year-round are in the 50-70's F (10-25 C). Rainfall averages 42 inches (109 cm) per year with most rain in the winter (about 5 inches (12 cm) per month) but still with an average of about 2 inches (5 cm) per month in the summer.

For comparison, here are the latitudes of some other locations around the world:
  • 38.15 - Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  • 38.00 - Athens, Greece
  • 37.48 - Adana, Turkey (We just moved from here!)
  • 37.46 - San Francisco, California, USA
  • 37.44 - Azores, Portugal
  • 37.41 - Witchita, Kansas, USA
  • 37.33 - Seoul, South Korea
  • 37.23 - Sevilla, Spain
  • 36.51 - Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

I'll have a number of posts in the next week of our new home in the Azores and all my plans for the plot of land here, but for now, I'll just show some photos of the island.
The main city on Terceira... Angra.

Biscoitos on the north side of Terceira Island, Azores

Serra do Morião ou da Nasce Água, ilha terceira, Açores, Portugal.
(not really sure what this means yet, but this is a common view here)


  1. Looks and sounds like an absolutely beautiful place to live, best of luck in your new location...looking forward to hearing more about it.

  2. The last picture looks a little bit like the west of Ireland!

    1. There's a lot more sun there than in Ireland, plus it's a island form from vulcanos, so the land is very fertile.

  3. Best wishes to you all as you settle into your new home. Looking forward to more articles and the boys' adventures.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! My husband has been talking about moving to Portugal...or Austrailia. Right now it is just talk, but you never know! :)

  5. That weather! That view! I am so envious!!

    Jenny in FL

  6. gongrats on the move and verry glad to see your still postin!!!cant wait to see the plans for your new property.

  7. Welcome to Portugal!
    My father is from Terceira and I been there before. The island is beautiful and the land is soooooooo fertile!

  8. Who has moved to Pico?

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  10. Are you still here? Americana na Terra Cha, Quinta do Rolo