Monday, September 5, 2011

USDA Plants Database

Just a quick post to share an outstanding resource for plant information.  You can search multiple ways for information on plants:

  1. Quick Search in the top left corner (search by common name, scientific name, or plant symbol)
  2. State Search lets you select a state or province in North America and ALL plants in that region will be resulted.  Warning:  You will get a ton of hits!
  3. Advanced Search lets you be very selective in what information you want resulted. Includes so many things, and while too numerous to list here, some examples include propagation, growth requirements, lifespan, flower color, coppice potential, drought tolerance, human and animal use of the plant, etc.

Example of Plant Database listing for Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera)

Each plant listing will look something like this.  Most listings will include multiple photos that aid in identification.  Next to the main image at the top will be links to a detailed characteristics page, PDF Fact Sheet, and PDF Plant Guide if these are available for the plant.  There will be a map showing where in the U.S. and Canada the plant lives.  There may be links at the bottom to more information (also only if available).

Take some time to browse this site if you get a chance.  There is a wealth of information here that is all free for the searching.


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