Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Video: There's No Tomorrow

This video takes a look at the future of energy and food production in the world. I have not seen a presentation that takes the the problems we face and explains them so well. I highly recommend taking the 33 minutes to watch this video. I fear too many will start to watch it and turn it off too quickly (and stick their heads back in the sand), because they don't like the message. I have studied the facts behind this video for a long time, and I cannot find one overt error in the information presented. All I am asking is for you to become aware of the issues, become knowledgeable on the information. This is the only way out of the crash I see coming our way. Yeah... it's a bit of a downer, but unless we actually understand the problems, we will never create a solution or an alternative.


  1. what does permaculture have to say about self-defense and the keeping of arms? I ask because when the shit hits the fan, according to this film, and you've shared all the surplus and have water and food but for yourself, and there is a small mob coming to take it, you may have to shoot.

  2. "Permaculture" says nothing about self-defense and the keeping (and I believe, right) to bear arms. That is not the mission, so to speak, of Permaculture. It is more about solutions to prevent the stuff from hitting the fan... not how to deal with it when it does. Many who initially adopted the Permaculture mindset were the "hippie" type who would say they were pacifists, although behind closed doors, I know more than one who have admitted to me they would kill another human in a second to save their loved ones... but that is not a common conversational topic for me or them. :) Personally, I have no qualms about self-defense and protecting myself and my family. I believe that many who are discovering Permaculture in recent years believe the same. However, I do think that if the majority of the world practiced Permaculture principles, the whole need for self-defense would be greatly diminished... especially on a mob scale. You still have to deal with the occasional bad apple, but the bad bushel would be unlikely to form. Unfortunately, we are not there yet... and I will leave it at that. ;)

  3. I think a hungry urban mob would not know where to find the food in a foodforest ;)

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