Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Permaculture App and My Site is Featured!

The Permaculture App by Smart Media Innovations Pty Ltd

Okay, this is really cool. A friend told me to check out the new Permaculture app for iPhones and iPads. So I did. As it turns out, my site is one of the main sites featured on this app. I am really not sure how that happened, but I am thrilled!

Screen shot from the Apple iTunes page for the App.
This is directly from my website!

First things first... the App is actually really good. There are four main sections. 
  • Tips - right now this section contains only my articles (awesome!)
  • Blogs - there are three currently listed. The first is a blog written by a family in France (Permaculture in Brittany). The second is the blog for the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. This is the main Permaculture center in the world. It is what Bill Mollison started and is now run by the genius, Geoff Lawton. Finally, there is my blog (again, awesome!). 
  • Courses - A listing of courses available on Permaculture. This is one section that needs a bit of work.
  • Videos - a great collection/listing of videos on all things Permaculture (gardening, sheet mulching, lectures, etc.)

Again, I am really not sure how my site was selected for it. I would like to think it had to do with quality content and all my hard work paying off, but it likely had more to do with a random google search! Either way, I am ecstatic about it. This App is a great resource, and I would be promoting it even if it didn't have my content. Check it out!


  1. Interesting. I found your blog through the app a month or two ago and just assumed it was by design, I never even considered that you weren't involved in putting the app together.

  2. this is fantastic news!!!

  3. I know how it happened. You have consistently worked very hard to deliver high quality information to the world. In doing so, IMO you have created the best source on the web for us aspiring temperate permaculturists! Thank you.

  4. Yes, Josef is right. The quality of the information you offer makes your blog stand out among all the others.

    Glad to see my friends Stuart and Gabrielle (permaculture in Brittany) got chosen too.

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