Monday, August 15, 2011

Earth Eats

Earth Eats is a weekly podcast and public radio program that highlights local food and sustainable agriculture.  The podcast is a weekly program that provides current agricultural and food news, interviews with farmers and authors, and my favorite, recipes and cooking tips from Chef Daniel Orr.  He calls his cuisine "real food for real people", and his recipes highlight local foods - produce and meats you can buy from your local farmer's markets, raise yourself, or forage from wild spaces near where you live.

Each of the 10 -15 minute programs are funded by Indiana Public Radio, so the production is of the highest quality.  If you are interested in the topics listed above, I highly recommend checking out their website and downloading their podcasts.

Podcasts can be found and downloaded here (or you can find them on iTunes).
Click on this link and then choose the RECIPES tab to find all the recipes highlighted on the podcasts.

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