Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An "Adventure" with my Boys

The "treasure" we collected on our "adventure".

A couple of days ago, the sun was out (finally), the sky was blue, and I just wanted to be outside. I told the boys, both three years old, that they needed to get ready for an adventure. They brought me their magnifying glasses, a pair of large, plastic, green forceps (tweezers), and a plastic box with a string  on it (aka "the collection kit").

We spent the next hour walking in the small fields of grass and weeds behind and between the houses in our neighborhood collecting "spess'mins" for our collection kit. In total, we collected leaves from seven new plants (many of them were "reawy pokey!"), shells from two species of snails (Elijah likes to call them "nail-ohs" for some reason), two pine cones, about ten flowers from half a dozen weeds, and two small clusters of seed pods.

Isaac was not feeling great, so I let Blue Bear and Li'l Doggie tag along... in the pockets of my jacket. Here he is showing them our treasure.
Elijah, who is never quite serious.

The boys just getting back from the adventure.

It is so fun to be able to get outside and spend time with my boys. They are willing to try anything if Daddy is there, not holding their hand of course since they want to do everything themselves, but ready to lend a hand if they need it. I think the real fun as a Dad is just getting started!



  1. It's like that we'll built a permanent civilization

    Thanks for your excellent blog, i read every post with great interest,

    My 4 months old daughter is not ready for field trips :)

  2. Thank you for brightening my day. These two will grow up into fine young men who are good stewards of the earth as is their father. And they are just darned cute, too :) Best wishes to you all.

  3. Very nice and heartwarming!
    --Diana from BC

  4. I concur with Rain23's comment! Too cute! LOL, just wait 'til they start finding BUGS to bring home with their other specimens. You think your boys are lively now...things will definitely get intersting for you as a Dad!