Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Plastic Bottle Lights... Amazing!

Using only sunlight for "power", these plastic bottles filled with water are providing interior light to the developing world. This is an amazing example of Permaculture Principle Six: Produce No Waste. Here is a quick video explaining this simple, but amazing, invention.


  1. a little comment about this great idea... it might only work in roofs without insulation, because of the thickness (well, at least in my mind...and I wonder about avoiding leeks on the roof as well... i would like to try it out on my outside shower...I have a tile roof, but the walls are simply pallet boards, so I might try that to bring some light in... I also have a question, how long will that water last without turning green? would salt in the water avoid that? And how easy it would be to replace the water if needed ? ...or the plastic bottle as the sun eventually will destroy it... If anyone have any tips I would like to follow this conversation...

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