Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thrive Hive. A new twist on the Top Bar Bee Hive

The Thrive Hive

Here is a great variation on the Top Bar Hive that I mentioned in my previous articles here:

Here is a link to a site with some good photos on the design and construction of this hive:


  1. John, I have a question about honey I was wondering if you could answer. We buy local raw honey, a desert blend is one of my favorites. I have heard that honey is helpful for allergies - most everyone has really bad allergies here in Tucson. Is this true? Also, since we are buying "raw" honey is it okay to give to Joshua? I haven't given him any yet because of not being sure about the safety in young children.

    1. Other than my personal experience it has also been scientifically proven that honey is the best natural antibiotic for allergies and infections, especialy when consumed diluted with water (one table spoon or tea spoon to a glass of water... Daily), natural mineral water, no tap water. Always use local ORGANIC honey especialy when it comes to our precious children.