Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beer and Food Pairing

Crab Rotini and Cheese paired with the organic amber ale, Monk in the Trunk
Just one of many beer and food pairings from The Beer Cook

I have to give credit to my brother Ray for sending me a link to The Beer Cook blog.  This is a blog written by a young woman who loves beer and food.  Her blog is not fancy, but it is very inspirational, and it has great photos.  I really recommend taking a look at it.  Seriously, it is really fun.

After perusing this blog for a bit, I really wanted to see what else was out there on the web dealing with Beer and Food Pairing.  There are many full books written about food and wine pairing, but unfortunately the beer and food pairing research is still in its infancy.  Hopefully my research will save you some time looking and give you more time experimenting and enjoying!

When you are done reading about all these specialty beers, I have to ask... do you really need even more motivation to start brewing your own beer?

Beeradvocate Beer and Food Pairing Guide:  A great little pairing search engine.  You select the style or type of food from a drop down menu, and you get few to a couple dozen beer style choices with some specific brands from which to choose.

Brewers Association Craft Beer and Food Pairing Chart:  A handy, single-paged PDF that lists the Beer Type with a graphical description and then recommendations for Suggested Foods, Cheese, and Dessert pairings.  Also provides glassware recommendations and serving temperature suggestions.  Love this!

Samuel Adams Food and Beer Pairings:  I had to include this Beer and Food Pairing guide.  First it is well done.  You can search by which Sam Adams beer you have, and you will get food choices; or you can search by what you are eating, and you will get Sam Adams beer recommendations.  Second, I really like Samuel Adams, their philosophy, their history, and of course their beer!

Artisanal Premium Cheese Beer and Cheese Pairings: You select the beer style (by clicking on the photo) and they will link you to a short cheese pairing tip page with suggestions of cheese you can buy from them.  This is the best guide I found for recommendations on pairing beer with cheese.

Finally, here are a few articles on Beer and Food Pairing:

The Art of Picking the Perfect Beer for a Meal - Cheyl Lu-Lien Tan (Wall Street Journal)

There's Room at the Table for Beer, Too - Joshua Bernstein (Imbibe)

Beer Pairings Menu - Lucy Buringham (Oregon Live)

How to Have a Beer-Pairing Dinner at Home - David Hagedorn (The Washington Post)

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