Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tiny Texas Houses

(all photos in this post from the Tiny Texas Houses website)

After my recent post on Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, I received an email from Jessie M. sharing another company making small houses.  This one is a little bit different though.

Brad Kittel started Tiny Texas Houses with the goal of showing how people could build small homes with 99% salvaged material.  By going out and reusing material others are ready to toss out or let rot, he has established a business that creates beautiful homes.  He obtains high quality wood, some of which are almost impossible to be found today, and builds a wide variety of homes that maximize space while minimizing square footage.  He also salvages doors, windows, glass, hinges, sinks, and tubs and reuses them in his home designs.

None of his houses are alike.  They may be based on a few similar layouts, but the final design is based on what is on hand from salvaged material.  Each home is a work of art.  They are high quality and built to last over a century.

If you are as interested in simplifying your life as I am, then a smaller home is just one way to make that happen.  Take a look at Tiny Texas Houses.  Enjoy, and be inspired, by some of these photos.  I am.

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