Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Berkey Water Filters

The Berkey family of filters.

I thought I would do a quick post describing our water filter system. We use the Berkey Water filter. I think it is fantastic. It is basically a can on top of another. Water is poured into the top, and filters in the top can allow the water to pass to the storage can below. There is a simple lever "faucet" on the storage can to pour the water out - like on a typical office water cooler.

There is a bit high up front cost, but then that is it for a long, long time. The cleaner the water that is placed in the top, the loger the filters last. When the filters start to clog up, they can be cleaned with a regular Scotch pad (like the back of a regular kitchen sponge). Some of the filter material is worn away, but then the filter is like new again. Eventually the filter is worn down to the point it cannot go any futher, and at this point the filter is changed. As the filters nears the end of its life, it does not become less effective either.

We have used our filter every day for about two years, and it is showing no sign of slowing down yet... with no cleaning or scrubbing of the filters at all. It is estimated that the average person will eventually spend only 2 cents per gallon of filtered water using this system in the U.S.

The Berkey Systems are literally used around the world by many mission, humanitarian, and relief organizations as the sole water filter system. Eventually larger, more permanent water filter systems are established (like for whole communities), but often the Berkey is it.

The water is filtered free of bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals. And the water tastes really good.

I make no money and have/will get nothing for my endorsement of this product. I just thought I would share what I think is the best water filter system around today.
Here is a really cheesy promotional video I found on the Berkey Filters, but it does a pretty good job.


  1. Out of curiosity, what size system do you use? Do you find that it is an efficient size for your growing family?

  2. We have the Royal Berkey System. It has capacity for 4 filters, but we only have 2 in there right now, and it is working great. As long as we fill the top can when the water flow starts to slow down, then we never run out of water. As the kids get older, we may need to use all 4 filters instead of just 2, but we will see.

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  4. What kind of coating did you use on your water filters? Do you also have for the whole house filtration system? I'm currently using drinking water filters for our daily drinking water needs.

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  8. There are plenty of water purifiers on the market that you can purchase, why should you pick Berkey over all of the others? What I am really impressed with the Berkey water filter is that it does much more than just meet the standard for water purification treatment.

    Berkey filters completely purify your water, whereas other units do not. Other filtration systems also use a great deal of power to work, while the Berkey systems are completely gravity fed. On top of that, Berkey water filter systems are extremely affordable.

    Securing your access to good tasting, sparkling, wholesome drinking water can be harder than you might expect. If you’ve ever want to make sure that your water is clean and healthy for your family, the Berkey system may be the perfect solution for your needs.

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