Friday, May 4, 2012

International Permaculture Day: May 6th

International Permaculture Day is about increasing awareness of Permaculture by hosting and attending Permaculture events around the world... all on one day, 6 May 2012. There are a huge range of events taking place from Open Gardens (like an Open House) to workshops on mushroon cultivation and food preservation to small get togethers and large parties to Permablitzes where dozens to hundreds of people show up to help one person or organization complete a large project all in one day.

Geoff Lawton giving a little information on Permaculture in general.

Joseph Lentenyoi explaining how Permaculture is making real changes in Kenya.

Here is a listing of events that will take place on Permaculture Day all around the world.
See if any event is occuring near you and consider attending!

Happy Permaculture Day!


  1. prof prem raj pushpakaran writes -- let us celebrate international permaculture day !!!!

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