Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boys Meet Grasshopper

Isaac trying to figure out this grasshopper.

Over the weekend, the boys and I were in the backyard. I was cleaning up the garden beds a bit, and I came across a rather large grasshopper. They boys have seen little green grasshoppers and crickets before, but never one of this magnitude nor one with such a non-flighty demeanor. They held the grasshopper and just marveled at it. I love the fact that they have no fear. They haven't been taught by squeemish adults that you must be afraid of bugs or dirt or pretty much anything in nature. They are still in awe of the natural world and curious about it and want to touch it and pick it up. I hope they never lose that innocence and wonder.

Elijah wondering why the grasshopper has "spikeys on hims legs".

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  1. Just fabulous! It's so wonderful to see children so intrigued with nature!