Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Joel Salatin on The Survival Podcast!

Joel Salatin... the man who introduced me to alternative agriculture

Joel Salatin, one of my favorite agricultural authors of all time (you can read one of my previous posts about Joel Salatin here), was recently interviewed by Jack Spirko on The Survival Podcast (Jack is probably my favorite podcaster).

Here is the link to the interview:  Joel Salatin on The Survival Podcast

The interview even discusses the Judge I posted about previously (in this post here: Judge Rules: "No Fundamental Right to Produce and Consume Food") and how he is now working for a legal firm that works for the large agribusiness mega-corporation, Monsanto.

They discuss gardening, livestock, alternative energy, food quality, and many things that fall right in line with permaculture!

Two people who have influenced me greatly in one podcast together... fantastic!

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