Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wild and Not-So-Wild Food Plants Near My House

The figs (likely Ficus carica) growing in my garden.

I wanted to quickly share some photos of the food plants I have found in my yard and within a block of my house. I will be using these in my kitchen for sure. Seeing what grows naturally around me gives me a good idea what "crops" will likely succeed in this area. 

A variety of mint (Mentha species) grows all over the place around here.

Wild Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) which doesn't form a bulb is a"weed" in my garden.

These Azorean Blackberries (Rubus hochstetterorum) are welcome in my garden.

There are little tufts of parsley (Petroselinum hortense) growing in any crevice it can find.

There are many walls and fields overrun by Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum species) which have edible, almost spicy flowers.

I thought this was corn from a distance, but it is not. I still think it is in the corn/maize (Zea) family. I'll keep an eye on it and see how it develops.


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  2. the last plant can be Arundo donax or Phragmites sp.
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  3. Amazing! I enjoyed the mention of the flowers. Nasturtiums are wonderful in a salad yet often overlooked here. Good thing to add to a vegetarian meal without the landlord complaining of vegetables on the patio.

    Shouldn't have read this before breakfast, I have this odd compulsion to see what's edible outside and right now it's mostly ivy and a few onions and dandelions. Green onion omlette in the offing...

  4. That's not fennel !
    I forget it's true name just now but it's a cosmopolitan garden herb Aka weed ;)
    It's same family but closer to anise

    The other commenter is correct
    Phragmites or arundo
    Is the grass below

  5. Ciro - giant reed (Arundo donax) for sure! I found another big, older patch, and that is definitely it.

  6. Reville - pretty darn sure that is wild fennel. There are some older, larger plants all over the place around here as well making identification easier.

  7. Welcome to Portugal!
    Arundo donax alright!It's a common invasive here.
    The list of invasives :

    Any problem with the language, feel free to ask.

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