Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Review: The Permaculture Way

Quick post:  Overall, I just can't recommend this book.  There are just too many other really good Permaculture books already written.  If there were no other books on Permaculture, or if this was the only book a person could read on the subject, then I would say it is okay.  But it is not the only book out there.  This book gets a bit too socialist and/or hippy commune-ish for me.  It has good general information, but not much detail.  It spends a whole lot of time on theory and principles and a lot less on "how to".  If you have the chance to pick this book up cheap or borrow it from the library for free, it is not bad for a quick skim, but I wouldn't spend much of your money on it.  I do feel bad saying that because I think the author has a heart for Permaculture and truly believes in everything he writes.  But I have to call it and I see it.

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