Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Survival Medicine Videos on YouTube

So, this is a bit of a different kind of post.  There are a LOT of video links, but they are really good.

Being a physician who is very interested in Wilderness Medicine and self-sufficiency, it is not uncommon for "non-medical" people to ask me about "medical things" they could do at home.  There is so much great information on the internet, but there is also a lot of bad information on the internet.  So how do you determine what is good or not?  Here is one series of videos that I would recommend.  While not the best video or audio quality, the content is very good.

The following videos have been created by Dr. Eric Wilke who is an Emergency Medicine physician.  Based on his medical mission work around the world, he wanted to give solid and reliable medical information for people "where there is no doctor".  These videos have good information on a variety of topics, and they are a great place to start learning how to be more medically self-sufficient.

#1 Intro and Disclaimer

#2 Strep Throat - be sure to watch both parts

#3 Influenza - be sure to watch both parts

#4 Diarrhea

#5 Oral Rehydration Formula

#6 Potable Water

#7 Dental Infections

#8 Dental Pain

#9 Dental Trauma

#10 Broken Teeth

#11 Dental Kit

#12 The WAPI (Pasteurizing Water)

#13 Medication Shelf Life

#14 Where there is No Doctor - a book review (highly recommend this free book)

#15 Soft Tissue Infections

#16 Civilian Application of Combat Casualty Care

#17 Field Treatment of Gunshot Wounds

#18 How to Start an IV

#19 Honey for Wounds

#20 Cold Related Injuries

#21 Worldwide Top Killers

#22 Lower Respiratory Tract Infections

#23 Obtaining Prescription Medications... legally!

#24 Clavicle Fractures

#25 Radiation Exposure 
(very interesting considering the fairly recent events in Japan)

#26 Basic Extremity Fracture Care


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