Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trees of Antiquity

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple was the Esopus Spitzenburg?  Did you know you can plant an Esopus Spitzenburg tree today? 

Interested in growing an Apricot developed in in England in 1760?  How about a plum developed in New York in 1825 or a cherry developed in France in the 1600's?  A German pear from the 1800's or a historic Japanese persimmon?

This is what you will find at Trees of Antiquity.  It is a fantastic source for Heirloom Fruit Trees.  (For more information about Heirloom Food, please check out my previous post on this topic). 

This is a great resource for purchasing trees that are a real link to the past... and most of these fruits taste better than anything you could ever get at Walmart!


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