Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Rising Cost of Food

Food Costs: January 2010 vs January 2011

I want to share yet another reason why I am an advocate of Permaculture and of raising your own food in general. 

According to the World Bank, food prices have risen by 83% in the last three years.  83%!!!!

Bottom line: our food is getting more and more expensive.  This is due to weather issues, crop failures, politics, and climbing fuel prices.  The more food you raise, the more money you save... it also tastes better and is healthier!

Here are a few links to articles reporting on the rising cost of food:
Soaring Food Prices Send Millions into Poverty, Hunger - (March 2011)
Behind the Rising Cost of Food - New York Times (April 2011)
Cost of Food and Gas Slowing U.S. Economic Growth - CBS News (May 2011)
Inflation Hits Families Where it Hurts - New Zealand Herald (July 2011)
Rising Prices Means Families are 470 Pounds (about $760 U.S.) a Year Poorer - The Telegraph (July 2011)

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