Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hypermiling: Ways to Save When You Don't Have a "Green" Car

Hypermiling (Hyper-mile-ing) is the art of driving economically and exceeding vehicle manufacturers stated efficiency by modifying driving habits and techniques.  -

In this era of increasing fuel costs and shortages of petroleum-based fuels (see my post on Peak Oil), hypermiling is a brilliant concept that will help you save money.  There are a number of websites and articles written about this, so I will not reinvent the wheel.  Today, I'll just provide links to what I consider the more high yield sites:

CNN Article on Hypermiling

Overview of Tips for Hypermiling - Not the best website (cluttered with ads), but the information is solid.

Hypermiling Tips from the UK Hypermiling website

CNN Video on Hypermiling


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